MITCHELL’S MUSINGS: More questions than answers

I have to ask a few questions to get them out of my brain because if they rattle around in there for too long they begin to drive me crazy

Every now and then I have to ask a few questions to get them out of my brain because if they rattle around in there for too long they begin to drive me crazy, so for the sake of my mental health, and  hopefully some entertainment value on your part, here goes nothing….

OK, OK, summer’s over, and I even think I wrote about welcoming that fact a few weeks ago, but does it have to happen so fast where the temperature goes down to single digits every night?

I have a rule in my house that the heat doesn’t get turned on until October but I have no such rule for my truck on the way to work in the morning, so this makes me a) cheap b) selfish c) old and cranky d) weird to have such rules e) unable to adapt to changing realities f) all of the above?

I mowed my lawn the other day and I suddenly realized that I didn’t actually cut the back 40 the entire month of August due to the fact that a) I didn’t water it and it didn’t rain so it didn’t grow b) brown lawns tend to grow rather slowly if at all c) I’m lazy and there were only a few strands over an inch or so anyway d) it was a protest move against the high price of gas relative to the market price e) a well-manicured green lawn doesn’t project the same ideal image it once did f) all of the above?

Social media is being blamed for the fall of many a federal candidate recently but also helpful in battling crime in a few high-profile cases, therefore the Internet is a) powerful but scary b) good and bad c) something to be careful when using so don’t put anything on it you don’t want your mother to see d) pretty much like anything else man has invented, it reflects and magnifies who we are e) the medium is still the message f) all of the above?

Don’t multiple choice questions just drive you crazy?

Am I the only one in these parts who doesn’t have an NFL Fantasy team, or do I have to get out of the house more?

And, conversely, is everyone now a Toronto Blue Jays fan and how full can the bandwagon get before it collapses?

Actually I think it’s a great thing and it’s bringing the country together, although maybe only as long as they keep winning, eh?

Speaking of bringing the country together and winning, apparently, if you believe in polls, the federal race is too close to call in a three-way race and I’m thinking that might be due to the fact that the party leaders keep giving us reasons not to vote for the other guy but no real reason, and even less inspiration, to consider them as the person to lead us into the future, but then what do I  know?

And although there’s been plenty of whining about this campaign being unnecessarily long it does seem that we’re finally starting to discuss the issues, aren’t you glad you don’t live in the States where the campaign is already in full blown mode even though the election is not happening until November of 2016?

And speaking of full blown, Donald Trump’s show may be off the air but he’s still dominating the airwaves because a) unlike the bland, scripted, careful politicians of today, you never know what he’s going to say b) his hair is even more dramatic than Justin Trudeau’s c) he provides so much free fodder for all the talking head opinion shows that dominate the airwaves that he’s considered ratings gold d) he taps into the anti-PC, anti-establishment, anti-Washington, anti-lobbyist, anti-pretty much everything you can think of sentiment even though he’s rich and must be part of some kind of American business establishment e) he’s famous for being famous and that’s apparently half the battle in politics these days f) all of the above?

And that’s enough for now, OK?