MITCHELL’S MUSINGS: Spring and other things

Just some notes and quotes from the world around us such as it is in this fast-paced, ever-changing world we live in.....

Just some notes and quotes from the world around us such as it is in this fast-paced, ever-changing world we live in…..

…….noticed the other day that it’s almost light out at 5:30 p.m. so spring can’t be far off. Not to mention the temperatures of late are more March than February and you get that anticipation, maybe ‘longing’ is a better word, for all things spring.

It’s truly amazing  how all that snow from just a few weeks ago can suddenly disappear – OK, it depends where you live on that front and where you piled it all but it’s still already a greener world.

And, alas, all this is happening before I’ve had a chance to downhill and snowshoe and cross-country, all that other stuff I said I was going to do to make winter as good as it can be back when we were making resolutions.

However, it’s only Feb. 15, there’s lots of snow in them thar hills and who knows what’s on the horizon weatherwise? So while you’re thinking spring don’t forget there’s still plenty of living to do on the winter front and we live in one of the best places on Earth to take advantage of all kinds of recreational opportunities, no matter the season…..

……and speaking of snow, it’s amazing to me watching the Maritimes dig out from storm after storm while we’re thinking spring.

I mean, think of the headlines and hand-wringing our storm created recently – double or triple or quadruple that and that’s what our fellow Canucks back east are dealing with this winter.

Now they’re way more used to it, which helps explain our surprise when it happens to us, but apparently even they are saying it’s unprecedented. So if you know anybody back there, like I do, maybe send them a token of support, and do your best to do it without mentioning our current conditions. Well, at least not in the first 45 seconds or so….

….speaking of getting used to stuff, I hope everyone had a great Family Day long weekend.

It’s only the third one in these parts so a lot of us haven’t even established any traditions to celebrate the occasion.

There’s also an odd factor to it as it’s not a national holiday so you get some services you wouldn’t expect, and it doesn’t match up with other province’s similar holidays, like Alberta’s.

Although I know that was part of the idea so we can have access to ski hills and resorts when they’re not so crowded, not to mention create a double-whammy for the tourist industry, however, we’re still figuring out this gift from Christy Clark.

We had some grand plans on the home front for our family but they were eventually pared down to a nice, sitdown dinner, although it should be noted it included roast beef and, heavy sigh, Yorkshire pudding.

It was short but very sweet and all you can reasonably expect when your kids are college-aged, and you have to bribe them with food. Well, maybe you don’t have to, but it helps…..

……I read some interesting stuff about the pros and cons of Family Day while I was busy trying to figure out the best way to celebrate the occasion.

Of course there’s the cost to business and government and the economy, although it should be noted some sectors of the economy benefit from it, and then there’s the political aspect of giving us a holiday just to be popular, when it’s really at our expense anyway, but even though there may be a little guilt involved for all those reasons I’m going to come down in favour of the idea, not that it matters anymore because once you get something there’s no way you’re going to give it back…..(take a breath here), nuff said…..