MITCHELL’S MUSINGS: Springing to life

Daylight Saving Time kicked in while you were sleeping last night.

It’s a cliche but it may be later than you think. Especially today seeing how Daylight Saving Time kicked in while you were sleeping last night.

At least I assume you were sleeping at 2 a.m. last night, especially seeing how you lost an hour’s sleep, but then if you’re like my teenaged kids at all that just means you sleep until noon instead of 11 a.m. to  make up for it (only a slight exaggeration).

But then again it was a Saturday night so some people, much younger than me, might have been able to actually turn forward the hands of time at the precise time — talk about a cheap thrill but then simple things are sometimes much cooler at that time of the morning.

The time change, which is now earlier than it used to be in the good, old days and which we will be adapting to for a few weeks but hey more sunshine after supper, is one thing and the changing of the seasons (supposed to be double digits this weekend, get out there folks) is another but it seems more and more I’m thinking of the passing of time these days.

It could also be that my kids are out of high school and minor sports now and, although still in the house and attending college, they don’t really need me anymore, well except for the free rent, the occasional family meal and, ahem, laundry services which we keep threatening to cut off.

So I’m finding my old role as full-time dad has been reduced to a part-time job, and even that comes into question when I give unsolicited  and unwelcome advice, which is most of the stuff that comes out of my mouth apparently.

Luckily,  sort of, my talents as an editor (ahem, no comments please, remember this piece of fluff is written in a colloquial style), come in handy on occasion when papers are due so I’m not completely irrelevant in their lives.

But before I get feeling too sorry for myself, may be too late, this is how life is supposed to go and the kids transitioning to  leave the nest and not need daddy and mommy so much anymore is a healthy thing for the most part.

Not to mention the freedom to do more things with my life that this opportunity presents, and then there’s that other person in the house that I can get reacquainted with after all these years of it being all about the kids (OK, not quite but you get the drift of the rant).

And we’ve talked about it too. More tennis, more golf (I’m trying to convince her this is a good idea), more camping (without the kids of course, and she’s working on me on this one) and, well, the possibilities are endless, including fixing up the house, although I’m learning economic considerations make the list much less than endless.

So what am I waiting for?

Actually there’s a song out right now by Nickelback that says almost the exact same thing, and they play it a lot on the radio and it hits home every time (especially when it’s the last song I hear on the way to or from work and it’s literally with me, as in my head, for the rest of the day).

It’s basically about the evils of procrastination and it’s well done and pretty darn catchy, like most Nickelback songs which makes them easy to target but somehow they sell lots of records anyway.

Not to mention it sparked enough soul searching in yours truly to actually consider moving on with my life, so to speak, and get on track with some of my new roles and opportunities in life.

Or at least writing about it, anyway.

So here’s to getting in tune with the season, as in springing to life, and hopefully beating the procrastination problem and getting on with things, at least before the next Nickelback song comes out, entitled It’s Later Than You Think.