MITCHELL’S MUSINGS: The father of all days

Some thoughts and musings on the topic surrounding what happens to be this very day, in case you forgot...Happy Father’s Day

Some thoughts and musings on the topic surrounding what happens to be this very day on the calendar, in case you forgot….

….First of all, Happy Father’s Day.

One of my favourite days of the year, although don’t tell the two people whose existence helped make it a reality because they might begin to think they’re special or something. Plus don’t ever tell them they’re two of my proudest accomplishments in life, so far. And, besides, I’ve got big plans for the second half of my life, so who knows where they’ll rank then and…..

So if you’re looking for a perfect way to celebrate the occasion, depending on when you actually get around to reading this, there may still be time to participate in the 15th annual Do it for Dad Run/Walk at Coldstream Ranch.

Registration begins at 8:30 this morning and the run/walk begins at 9:30 and it’s a beautiful trip through the countryside.

I know because I’ve done it most years but I’m not able to make it this year due to another commitment.

My father, who also is kind of special to yours truly but again just between you and me, is a big booster of the event and cause (“get your PSA checked every year” is a bit of a mantra of his since his successful battle with the disease) and it’s a tradition for the entire clan to assemble at the ranch this morning.

So, it’s with a little bit of guilt, ahem, that I encourage any and all to attend, but it’s also a great event with an emotional punch that literally helps your fellow man more than you may ever realize and isn’t that a good thing and why we’re here and….

…..however, of course, it’s not the only game in town today as there’s lots to do for the old man in these parts. If you’ve overslept and missed Do It For Dad, and I can’t blame you because it is your day after all and sleeping in is on the list of most of us male’s favourite things in the world to do, however, there’s plenty of other great opportunities to enjoy out there.

Speaking of ranches, O’Keefe is saluting dads today and so is Davison Orchards.

And there’s a cool car show for dad and company at the Village Green Centre, courtesy of the Vintage Car Club.

Not to mention all the spectacular golf courses to choose from in these parts, and the restaurants and the pubs where you might be able to catch the U.S. Open or the World Cup or whatever else might appeal to you on the tube….

…..of course some might just want to stay at home and watch the world unfold from the comfort of their own home, and couch.

And that’s OK too, because it’s your day, although some wives, including mine, might ask the question – “And how does lying on the couch all day watching golf and gosh know’s what else on Father’s Day make it different from any other given Sunday?”


Well, simply because there’s a little less guilt involved.

And there’s a much better chance of one of the younger members of the house actually fetching me a beverage.

And, well, just because, so there….

…….watching Jimmy Fallon on TV the other night I  learned he and his son are on the front of the latest People magazine. Very cute.

There’s nothing like seeing the enthusiasm of a new father, and the cute factor doesn’t hurt either, to make you smile in the knowledge of what a gift life is and that we should treasure it every chance we get. Including today.

Enough said.

Happy Father’s Day everyone.