MITCHELL’S MUSINGS: Time keeps on ticking

Daylight saving time started at 2 a.m. today so you lost an hour’s sleep, at least technically.

Don’t blame me if you didn’t get enough sleep last night because it might be later than you think.

Daylight saving time started at 2 a.m. today so you lost an hour’s sleep, at least technically.

However, you likely slept as long as you needed to but there’s still that ripped-off feeling that goes along with it being one hour later than it used to be at this particular time. If that makes sense.

Just like in the fall when you get an extra hour in bed and you think you’ve won the lottery (well at least a scratch and win victory).

Actually I’d already noticed going home after work this past week that it was a little brighter and, accordingly gave me that little sense of hope that spring was coming.

Of course then it snowed all day Tuesday for a bit of a setback. Heavy sigh.

However this coming week it will be even brighter after work, thanks to DST, as thoughts turn to outdoor activities like soccer and baseball and even golf, as a couple courses open early this year.

But, in life, there’s always a trade-off as it will be darker in the mornings making it a little tougher to get up, especially Monday which will seem darker and earlier than usual when that alarm goes off. Again, heavy sigh.

But it is what it is. And now DST runs from early March to November so get used to it and it is mostly a good thing so do your best with the transition. Or move to Saskatchewan…….

…..and speaking of time, how is it that technology has given us so many time-saving devices yet still we don’t seem to have enough time to get anything done?

Not to mention that, thanks to technology, everyone expects everything in a millisecond so if it happens to take two or three milliseconds our whole day is ruined?

Of course then there’s the pressure that puts on all of us to deliver the goods in record time, whether it’s actually possible or not.

I remember when patience was considered a virtue, now commercials keep telling us if we have to wait for anything for more than a nanosecond we’re a loser.

And trying to stay connected at all times by numerous devices and social media can drive us to distraction and again puts us in a position that we think we should be doing something at all times to justify our existence.

Yet again, heavy sigh……

……It reminds me of a story from my youth, grasshopper (‘70s reference). A buddy of mine and I and some other guys were trying to figure out where to go for lunch. It was taking some time, which is standard when more than three people are involved in making a decision, and my buddy was losing his patience and lost it temporarily in frustration.

As we headed out in separate vehicles I yelled out at him: “Hey, slow down and live.”

Which probably got him more upset, frankly, but, hey, it seemed appropriate at the time.

So what happens?

He heads out ahead of us to the restaurant but we end up passing him on the side of the road because he got pulled over by the police for speeding.

Right. I tried not to be self-righteous about it, at least I think I did at the time and I’ve only mentioned it several times since, but it was pretty funny, well maybe not so much for him.

Anyway I still think we should slow down and live when we can, and it might be more necessary today than ever.

Although keep in mind you have one less hour to do it in today, so get going, will you?