Money issues

Armstrong council out of touch with reality and out of touch with taxpayers

Re: Armstrong Grills RDNO Over BillMorning Star April 27.

As reported, and I quote, Armstrong council is, “upset with a $17,500 increase in its solid waste bill.”

Council is also upset with the building inspection function.

Furthermore, council is upset with the $69,000 regional district transit bill. Council states, “that’s a huge amount for a city our size.”

Yet this very same council, representing our very small city with its very small tax base, is more than willing to spend the huge amount of $675,000 on a water metering program which residents state is not necessary and not wanted.

Our roads are in terrible shape. We have no youth facilities. In fact, we have a huge drug problem amongst our youth.

We should be using this money to address the very real problems this community faces.

Oh wait a minute. Council’s solution to the drug problem in Armstrong was to issue a proclamation supporting the decriminalization of marijuana.

Even councillor/teacher Paul Britton voted in favour of decriminalization.

He, of all people, should be aware of the devastation drugs have on our youth.

This council is out of touch with reality.


Robert W. Thibeau, Armstrong