Money tree

Before you vote on the HST..

Before you vote on the HST, think about the value to the valley through taxes. I have been to Victoria on a number of occasions and not once did I see a money tree at the Legislature.

This province needs tax dollars to operate.

Locally, the government has spent $180 million on the hospital, $13.4 million on Coldstream Elementary, $2.5 million on the Highway 6/97 improvements and now and $1 million on Bailey Road and Highway 97. These projects, which benefit the public the most, add up to almost $200 million.

Where do Vander Zalm and his cronies think this money comes from? Now let’s add the cost of a recall. Say it goes through, the cost of a byelection is $500,000 plus, and there is a very good chance the incumbent will be re-elected. This half-million dollars could be better spent on our local health care.

C. Hayward, Vernon