Morning walk

Residents outline what happened while out walking one morning

It’s a Tuesday at 7:30 a.m. and my neighbour and I are going for our morning stroll downtown.

Going past the Discovery Plaza north, I spot a person struggling to get to the sidewalk nearby.

As my companion and I cross the street, a truck approaches the intersection.

We are right in front of this black truck, so I put my hand up as I want to ask him about the person trying to roll closer to the sidewalk.

His window is open and I asked him if he could help us with this person.

He replied, “I’ll just have to turn around.”

So I assumed he would be joining us shortly.

About five minutes passed and there was no sign of a black truck. So I quickly rushed to this man struggling to get to the sidewalk and off the road.

In the meantime, I’m trying to reassure the man that help is on the way. Just then, a woman comes out of her house, asking about the commotion.

She sized the situation very quickly and gets behind the man from the side and lifts him up. I assisted a little on my side.

This woman knows exactly where and how to assist him to his feet.

Out of the blue, this car has parked in front of us and it’s the manager from Schubert Centre, opening the doors for this person.

He is reluctant about getting inside the vehicle, I assured him that this driver would take him home.

The man’s remark was, “I’ve been married some 60 years and I’ve learned this: never argue with a woman.”

With his body neatly tucked inside the vehicle, I shut the door and Jack Gareb drives away.

He returns to find us still walking and told us that the man lived about a mile away and uphill.

We thanked him for being a Good Samaritan. As for the truck driver, you could have been our hero, but you disappointed us, so kudos go to Jack.

Thanks from two walking buddies.

Anna Yaremchuk and Elsie Wilson