Motorists must slow down

The speed limit on Silver Star Road, near BX Elementary School, is 50 kilometres an hour

I would like to remind people driving on Silver Star Road, near BX Elementary School, that the speed limit of 50 kilometres an hour applies every day of the year, not just when school is in.

And all of you driving very noisy vehicles, do you really need to romp on the accelerator when you are near homes? Try being a little more respectful of the people who live around here, many of whom have small children at home. The noisy motorcycles, big trucks, etc. are making a lot of us annoyed.

For those who do make an effort to keep the noise of their vehicles down, I do thank you.

Quite a few motorcycles go up and down this road and I have noticed a number of drivers are doing their best to keep the noise down.

L. Piercey