Move the farmers market

Resident agrees with Vernon mayor that market should move downtown

Regarding Linda McGrew on the farmers market, I would like to agree with Linda that the farmers market should be moved.

I do not at present attend the market because of the location. It is crowded and at times difficult to get to.

If it was to be moved to the Performing Arts Centre area like the mayor suggested, this, I would think, would be a more advantagous location.

First, with the location, you will be closer to a larger percentage of the population.  There are more apartments, it’s closer for the people living in Okanagan Landing and businesses.

Second, as a resident of East Hill, I would be able to walk or ride down to the market. It would be good for the environment, good exercise (help keep health costs down) and improve my health.

More persons might utilize the recreation complex and then shop or shop first.  Seniors and people without transport would have better access.  You have better bus service.

These are the reasons the people involved and city should consider having the market moved.


Garry Haas