Movie woes

Visitor has a bad experience while going to the theatre in Vernon

Ok, enough already. Either go to the movies, be respectful of others in the same theatre as you and just let others enjoy, or just stay home.

I just wanted to simply enjoy a movie recently in Vernon at its big theatre and tried so very hard to tolerate some individuals who just had to constantly yap and comment on everything they saw on the super big screen to them.

It is like they just do not know how to behave or just do not care about others trying to enjoy without their constant running commentary.

This has happened far too many times to me alone.  How many others get peeved off at this?

Most will just wimp out and not say anything to avoid conflict and I get that as everyone is precious out there. But I did, in all fairness, try and say super loud, “Ok, it is quiet time now,” but that went right over their uncaring, oblivious heads.

So I plead with anyone reading this, if you ever get super annoyed with constant yappers and all the running commentary, do not just wimp out and go, say something to these inconsiderate people.

They are clearly not able to just sit still and watch quietly.

Laughing is very encouraged but not yapping and constant commentary. Just stay home then. Let others just enjoy the movie.

A side note: if you cannot just simply sit still and not constantly bump seats and shift all of the time with people in front of you, just stay home. Stop the madness.

If you are so restless, why are you out in the first place? You made me move the after I tried to tolerate you for the first super-annoying 30 minutes of the film.

N. Preen