MP’s comments draw criticism

Resident provides information on first woman MP in Canada


olin Mayes, in the Dec. 28 Morning Star, states Agnes Campbell Macphail was a Conservative.

The fact is, she was a Progressive, ran against the Conservatives and was the first woman to be elected in 1921. Later, she became a founding member of the CCF, which later became the New Democratic Party

Mayes also references the gender gap index. True, we are  No. 20 today and last year we were  No. 21. But what he doesn’t say is that in 2006, we were No. 14.

We have dropped six points. Six countries have surpassed us in women’s issues since the Conservatives have come to power. He also doesn’t mention that under political empowerment, we rank No. 42 and in the category of health and survival, we rank No. 49.

This Conservative government has cut funding to women’s programs and funding to programs that gave women a voice.

Agnes Macphail stood for all of the things that this government has cut.


Alice Brown