Multi-use facility

Resident provides an option for a multi-use facility in Greater Vernon

After reading the front page article in The Morning Star about the North Valley Gymnastic Society looking for a building, and the suggestion by the Greater Vernon Advisory Committee that a multi-use facility should be considered, a thought came to me.

My mind started wandering back to an article sometime last spring.

If I remember correctly, it was about a building the Canadian Armed Forces is not using anymore, and would the City of Vernon buy it.

I also believe the city gave the land to the Canadian government to build the building that is on the hill behind the hospital.

It is called the Brigadier Murphy Armoury. You can see it when coming down 27th Street to Highway 6.

Being that it would be used for sports to enhance the health of the citizens, maybe the City of Vernon and the federal government could work out an affordable long-term agreement, and make everybody happy.

Just a thought.

Chuck Frerichs