Museum continues to wait

Decision to change current library into offices a disgrace to museum and community

How did we get the decision to change the current library from a public meeting place into offices? In the 1960s, Vernon architects won a national award for a design that featured a collective  of civic buildings in which locals would meet.

This move to change it into offices dishonours that award.

The museum has not been adequately supported but instead badly neglected by city hall, the regional district and others for various reasons and now is in dire need of more space for displays and especially for storage of acquisitions.

These could both be accommodated by a move into the library with its high ceilings. The means would be a simple connecting walk way.

Why do city offices need this space which would more appropriate for displaying our own museum’s unique artifacts?

There is also space to tell stories of historically significant families and individuals, such as the Caetani family, the Ellison family, Axel Ebring, Luc Girouard, Moses Lumby, and many others.

The museum is obligated to receive collected materials of our history, to research and document it and then exhibit it (if only there was space). They can’t receive much now.

The connected buildings would be only a temporary solution until we get a properly updated building on the Coldstream Hotel site.

If you sympathize with this direction, please let city hall know now.


Barbara Hartley, Vernon