Museum needed

Let's make room for our past history and for future generations - help Greater Vernon's museum

After reading Richard Rolke’s column regarding how crowded and small the current museum is, I thought about all of the lovely hierlooms that my family sent to the dump a few weeks ago.

One of the pieces was a grand, elegant, pump organ made in 1908.  When I watched the organ go into the back of the truck, there was a lump in my throat. The memories that went with that organ will remain untold, there will be no more happy times around the music player with singers singing and now the voices are silent.  Several other things were taken to the dump because no one had room for anything else.

What a very sad day this is that these treasures are gone and long forgotten. I love museums and love to tour them and admire the things our ancestors used to survive. Without a museum to house these memories, who will remember? I say to those with the purse strings, what will your future generations remember about you and the implements you used to survive the big, bad, cutback, world.  Let’s get our act together and make room for our past history and for the future generations to come.

Valerie Mikkelsen, Vernon