Natural area at risk

Resident concerned about plans for the Stickle Road area

Dear Todd Stone, transportation minister, I am a resident of Vernon, and have been following the debate about how best to reduce the risks to drivers either crossing, turning north or merging on Highway 97 at Stickle Road.

What I can’t understand is why your ministry and Vernon city hall would think it is a good idea to put a side road through the beautiful wetlands to meet up with 20th Street than have the traffic make several turns to carry on travelling either north or south. I encourage you or someone from your ministry to walk along the boardwalk and by the creek to appreciate the natural beauty you wish to dispute.

What I also can’t understand is your reluctance, no, downright refusal, to put in a vehicle activated light at that intersection, south of the weight scales. It would be an excellent way of calming the traffic and the big trucks won’t have got up to highway speeds before having to stop if the light is red. More and more businesses will be established along the northern corridor and really, is ite not the safest and most reasonable solution?

Joyce Penner