New leadership is required

Resident raises concerns about the new master water plan

Back on Feb. 7, Gyula Kiss wrote you a letter outlining the area water plan history.

After reading this, I thought to myself that some of what he said must be wrong. Nobody in their right mind would be stupid enough to change the plan we had in 2002 and 2004.

Well guess what – $70 million more and counting and what have we really got?

Mr. Kiss, you are a voice crying in the wilderness.

You have known and stated all along the mess that’s become of our present water plan but nobody was or is listening to you. What a shame on us.

It’s now quite plain to me, and I hope to a lot of other people, that since 2004, we have with a few exceptions, been electing, appointing and hiring all of the wrong people with the hope they would use their God-given common sense to run this fabulous place we live in with a modicum of intelligence at least. What’s wrong with this picture?

Let’s start with the next two elections – civic and federal.

Try and elect people with the guts to make the hard decisions, which they won’t be afraid to voice loud and clear, are truthful and honest, not prone to spin-doctoring and never use the phrase, “We’re working on it,” write all of their own material and tell it like it is, and not be afraid to rock the boat.

Let’s hope that some people like that run for office and that we have the good sense to know who they are and elect them.

J.V. Methot