New pathway lacks planning

Resident believes design of Vernon path creates a safety hazard

It was clear to me from the beginning that the pathway built from city hall to the cenotaph, after the medical building had been pulled down, seriously lacked thought and planning.

There are two points to me that I would love someone to explain to me on how the decision to incorporate them in the plan came about.

A. The pathway winds its way through the area and when it meets the road at the bus staging area, the path and the clearly marked crosswalk at the road do not match up.

The crosswalk is the width of the path away from matching the path.

There’s no sloped drop in the sidewalk at that area to make it easy for mothers pushing strollers to cross the road at what to me would be the obvious spot.

B. At the point where the pathway crosses the back alley from the Greyhound depot to the road at 31st Avenue, there is absolutely no signage informing vehicles or pedestrians what they are crossing.  To me, that is an accident waiting to happen.

The above accident almost happened to me recently.

Walking downtown, coming through the park, at the back alley from city hall to the bus depot, at the alley to cross, the vision to the left is almost nil.

I came to cross the alley and at that time, a Range Rover came along from the Greyhound bus depot at a considerable speed.

I saw it and stopped. It braked hard, I crossed and it took off again at considerable speed.

Had it been a small child, the outcome would in all probability have been very different as a small child would probably not stopped or been seen.

I was a little bit shaken up myself.

There needs to be a stop sign on the alley for vehicular traffic as there is very definitely a blind spot for seeing pedestrians.

Please inspect this for yourself and watch out for speeding cars.


Valerie Redstone