New topic please

Resident fed up with all of the focus on Stickle Road and Highway 97

I am writing this letter in reply and retort to the traffic trouble letter in The Morning Star by Len Ganz.

I am sitting here eating my lunch on my work break and I started reading this article and burst into a fit of laughter and sheer dismay.

You think driving Highway 97 at 90 kilometres an hour is screaming? I was flying down one of the hills at 120 due to low break pressure issue and I was passed by someone going near 200 km/hr. Ninety is absolutely nothing to be afraid of! At 90km/hr with all of the signage which is posted before the flashing lights, it is very easy and safe to prepare and slow down. You expect there to be cars around the corner. Simple common sense. Glenmore Road gives me the creeps. My best friend has driven every single day from the far side of Lumby to Rutland in Kelowna for the last four years and never once had a problem.

In the case of the Stickle Road debate (as clearly that is all it is at this point), I am getting frustratingly sick of it. No light. Yes light. Wetlands. No wetlands.

There is absolutely no way at all of pleasing everyone. And asking drivers to use common sense would be like asking a tiger to grow spots instead of stripes.

So now I ask, can we please stop beating a dead horse, as the government and municipalities will do exactly what they want when they want, and occasionally talk about other stuff? Like a man who returned a wallet to an older gentleman intact with nothing missing.

Or about the numerous good deeds that go unnoticed or not thanked.

Or if goodness isn’t enough, let’s talk about one of the other underlying issues that Vernon possesses?

I’m not saying don’t talk about it. I’m just saying there are other things to fret over.

Kirsty Crandlemire