Resident challenges the opposition to a Lavington pellet plant

Just a note to the residents of “Nimbyton,” remember all of the hand-wringing that went on when the glass plant closed down?

Remember how you all were wondering, “Whatever will we do for jobs?”

Finally, years later, a decent, well-paying job is about to present itself to the people that don’t want to leave, don’t want to take a hit on selling their houses and want to be close to friends and family.

Hold on, we don’t want this job, don’t want to have a pension, just because someone claims there could be (not that there will be) a hint of pollution encroaching on Lavington school.

So, if you get your wish and this plant goes elsewhere, how many people with kids will be left to populate the school if everyone moves to a better job somewhere else?

Think the school board would get sentimental about keeping that school open?

Has anyone actually gone to a plant similar to what is proposed, just witness no pollution. Of course not.

It’s easier to spread innuendo until the someone gets their way without thinking what the economy will mean to them in the future.

Bob Johnston