No amalgamation

Resident says the only jurisdiction which benefits from amalgamation is Vernon

The only jurisdiction which benefits from amalgamation is Vernon.

Vernon gets more revenue and everyone else pays higher taxes and gets fewer services. Growth equals an increase in capital spending.

As the housing development increases, expenses and taxes go up. Why? Because no developer ever pays the cost of the infrastructure necessary to support their development.

More people require more public services, libraries, police, municipal staff, sports and recreation facilities, water, etc. Does this sound familiar?

If you want to see taxes stabilized, stop handing out building permits.

There are only three groups which will support amalgamation:

1. Those that stand to profit directly.

2. Those too new to the valley to be aware of Vernon’s perfidious history.

3. Those that think it’s fun to walk into a dark alley, get sucker-punched and mugged.


L. John Lewis