No common sense

Allenby Way road work has shortcomings, don't do the same to 43rd Avenue in Vernon

Allenby Way is the only main road that connects Bella Vista Road to 27th and 25th avenues.

So far Allenby to Heritage Drive, (apparently somewhat finished), has no parking on either side. It has two lanes for traffic. It is so narrow it will make normal traffic difficult – ie.  for a fire truck and a  cement truck to pass one another safely, the chances  are slim to none.

This road is constantly being use by transit bus, school buses,  cement trucks and gravel  trucks, some with pups. If a low-bed that is hauling heavy-duty construction machinery, some of which are  oversized, they  can make the turn, how? For what purpose? Another bike lane?

Hey, I’m all in favour of bike lanes, but in the proper  areas, that can accommodate them safely, and not impact the commercial use of any road.

It is not too late to save 43rd Avenue. Going from four to two lanes is ludicrous. It  will impact business on 31st, 30th Street and just kill what is left of 29th Street.

How long can any business survive, and continue to  pay taxes to support another ill-conceived idea? Twentieth Street is  a planner’s dream. It is absolutely  magazine  picture-perfect.

Is it serviceable, you tell me? It is time that the mayor, council, city administrator take a very serious look at who is controlling city hall.

It’s time to replace employees that do not have logic and common sense, and let them follow their dreams of pies in the skies, but just not in Vernon. Then again, maybe our problem is the mayor, council and administrator.


Rose Pollock, Vernon