No consultation

Two years ago, the newly elected Liberals unleashed a nasty surprise on the population of B.C.

Two years ago, the newly elected Liberals unleashed a nasty surprise on the population of B.C. The HST was implemented without any public consultation, debate in the Legislature or due process.

The HST is sold to us as a one-stop tax that will result in lower costs to consumers and a more competitive climate for business in B.C. What the HST actually is, is something completely different.  It could best be described as a user fee levied against everybody who chooses to participate economically in society throughout the course of their lives. The tax is a straight seven per cent addition in the cost of many goods and services that used to be only taxed at seven per cent.

It removes the burden of paying tax from corporations and the super rich and puts the burden on everyone who buy groceries, diapers, gas, tires, haircuts, school supplies and everything else a family needs.

The HST is said to be revenue neutral and will foster investment and make B.C. attractive to companies. When one considers that the cost of most necessary consumer goods has jumped seven per cent, it is very hard to understand how this tax could be called revenue neutral. When this was pointed out to the Liberals, they responded by saying that low-income people would receive a tax credit of around $170 per year.  The real cost to a family is said to be between $1,000 and $2,000 per year. We were asked to believe the outrageous idea that the HST would introduce lower prices for consumers because the companies would return the seven per cent to the consumer in the form of lower prices.

Simply put, the HST takes a tax obligation of almost $2 billion from large corporations and financial institutions and places that obligation square on the shoulders of the poor, working and the middle class.

Even if you own a business and are happy with the ease at which you can now claim your input tax credits, remember those people you call customers have less money to purchase your goods or services.

That is not good for your business.

Vote yes to extinguish the HST.

Steve Gunner