No dogs please

Resident opposed to dogs being allowed on Kal Beach

I just wanted to respond to Chris Francis’ letter on unleashing Kal Beach for the winter.

No. Please don’t allow dogs on Kal Beach. I walk my dog on a regular basis. We hit all of the dog trails and parks especially in the Middleton Mountain area as I live out that way.

Last year, the District of Coldstream put garbage receptacles all along these trails, as well as made bags available for dog waste. Well, as the snow started melting, there was dog feces everywhere, especially around the garbage cans. I’m sorry but dog owners just aren’t responsible in picking up after their pets. I guess they figure the snow will hide it.

You see it everywhere. I don’t like to go to Kal Park as it’s thoroughly disgusting. There’s a dog run just down the street from Kal Beach and a great dog path running parallel to Kalamalka Road so I don’t understand why Kal Beach is the only place in the winter to take your dog.

Plus, people start to enjoy the beach right into November and come out as early as March to sit peacefully at the beach without worrying about being disturbed by dogs running around. I’m leaving the most negative thing for last, however. Imagine, being one of the thousands of tourists coming to this star attraction beach in the summer and laying your head where a dog has left his mark or your kids are playing in the sand and embark on the same said mark?

Vernon has so many dog friendly parks and trails. Please leave those that don’t allow dogs (and there a very few) for those people and children who choose to go to these parks for the reason that they don’t allow dogs.

Everyone I’ve talked to about this matter has laughed and scoffed, saying that they’ll never allow dogs at Kal Beach.  Well, it looks like our council has been in discussion about this already. I encourage all those who do not want to see dogs unleashed at Kal Beach to contact their council members or their local Regional District of North Okanagan director.

Caroline Bouman