Vernon writer clarifies who and why some are not in support of former North Okanagan resident's nomination for Mr. Gay Canada

Mr. Webb’s assumption that he has, “the support of the entire community” is a little misleading, so I thought I’d clarify who and why some are not in support of his nomination for Mr. Gay Canada.

It isn’t a crime (yet) in this country to believe that some things are right and some things are wrong.  Many in this community will not support Mr. Webb’s lifestyle because we know that it is wrong and even harmful.

Although the Bible is often twisted, God clearly identifies homosexuality as a sin. But the reality is that we all struggle with sin. We shouldn’t be endorsing anyone who normalizes sin, be it heterosexual, homosexual, or something entirely different.

Instead of trying to celebrate everything, we should measure ourselves up to God’s word, confess our sin to him, turn and repent and live a life devoted to the service of our saviour, Jesus Christ.

Yes, you inspire Mr. Webb, you inspire me to accept the word of God that brings life, and that word is worth celebrating.

V. VanBeelen