No help offered

Lack of human compassion concerns motorist

We all live in a fairy tale world and think that if something bad happens, people will rush to help us. Not so. I was so disappointed in the human population that my faith in mankind has been shaken to the core.

Recently, I was in a horrific and traumatic car accident in Winfield. The whole back end of my compact car was smushed after I was rear-ended by a truck and camper and pushed so I straddled the centre of the two lanes.  My car is a total loss.

There was no way someone could drive by and not know there had just been an accident. I sat in a daze in my damaged car and watched 20 to 40 cars drive around me. No one stopped to ask if they could help. No one stopped to phone 911.

I was very troubled that they could just drive by. I had to phone 911 myself and sat alone and very frightened until emergency help arrived. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that John Q. Public would just drive by the scene of an obvious horrific accident and not stop to render assistance.

Please, if you see a bad accident stop and offer assistance and see if the people are OK.

It only takes a couple of minutes and can mean so much.

Remember, someday it could be you needing assistance.


Linda Wright, Vernon