No parking

Vernon's upgrades to 20th Street leave no room for parking

Responding to a letter from B. Clore  regarding 20th Street upgrading. The residents of 20th Street, between 43rd Ave. and 48th Ave., do not deny that the street looks pretty and that bike lanes are nice and modern, however we would like to have the same benefits as other Vernon taxpayers.

Because of “no on-street parking whatsoever” we cannot host a birthday or Christmas party, nor a bridal or baby shower, or a christening or bar mitzvah celebration, or have a family gathering, or even have a garage sale.

These are normal functions for the Canadian family and we are denied these privileges because we have no parking for our guests.  Most residences have parking for two vehicles and most families are two-car families.

Do the math – where do our guests park? This part of 20th Street is not on a bus route. We bought these residences so we would have the freedoms of  residential living.

If we wanted to be restricted to two parking spaces, we could have bought an apartment. And even most apartments have guest parking or on-street parking.

We were not included in the planning of this upgrade, we were only advised to come and view the plans after they were drawn up. At this time, many of us voiced our displeasure at the fact that there was no on-street parking – No one listened! No one cares!

It just looks good on paper, but it is not practical and it hasn’t had the desired effect of slowing or diminishing traffic as far as we have noticed. The only thing that has changed are the comments we receive from people wondering who came up with this brilliant (insert sarcasm here) idea.

Whether our properties may no longer be desirable because of this no on-street parking debacle remains to be seen, but B. Clore, how would you like not be able to have any company visit you for the rest of your time?


Elaine Dubois, Vernon