No power on Swan

Letter writer concerned about motor boats using Swan Lake

I used to believe common sense would prevail until the last few weekends.

It appears that some people with their fancy power boats and jet-skis think its convenient and great to go bombing around on Swan Lake pulling wake-boards.

Okanagan and Kalamalka lakes are a mere 10-minute drive from Swan. Swan Lake is extra high this year so it makes it much easier to launch these boats.

I was always under the impression that these boats were banned from Swan Lake. But apparently the Ministry of Environment does not seem to think so.

I wrote a letter to Terry Lake, environment minister,  and I have yet to hear back from him or his department.

So to the local Ministry of Environment reps, give your head a shake and ban power boats above 9.9 horsepower on Swan Lake.  These boats not only are a nuisance to kayakers, fishermen and canoeists, they are also a hazard on such a small lake to rowers.

It is only a matter of time before a tragic accident happens.

The miniature tsunamis created by the boats also are spilling the bird nests just off the shoreline.

You can find cranes, ospreys, eagles, blue heron and many other birds at this lake.

I encourage everyone to contact MLA Eric Foster to support, and have him support, this initiative.

Mr. Foster, if you are reading this, please encourage Mr. Lake to ban these power boats on Swan Lake sooner then later.

Keith McDonald