No public service

Resident is no fan of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

In response to the  Sharon Ramsdale letter praising the CBC, of course people on the left love the CBC.

They don’t care if hundreds of millions of unaccounted taxpayer   dollars are spent promoting ideologies that they happen to agree with.

I wonder how they would feel if the CBC suddenly started to level the playing field and started to embrace things like capitalism, pro-Americanism, pro-life issues, pro-fiscal responsibility, pro-Israel, pro-Christian, anti-union and anti-victimology, etc., etc. Suddenly those tax dollars would be scrutinized is my guess.

The bottom line is, if a business needs tax dollars to exist, it needs to ensure complete fairness in its coverage. Period

Otherwise, get your money from your own supporters like Sun News does.

Don’t ask those of us that vehemently disagree with your world view to pay for it.

The CBC stopped being a public service a long time ago. It is nothing more than a propaganda machine.


Anne Ellis