No room for pets

Vernon resident wants landlords to show some compassion

While looking for a reasonable apartment (under $800 a month) with my pet shih tzu dog, I found that many apartment blocks in Vernon, including seniors subsidized housing, do not  accept pets.

I, like many other seniors, have no living relatives my age and therefore, I depend on my little dog for comfort and companionship.

My dog is not only a comfort but keeps me reasonably healthy as I have to get out to walk him.

The only other option is to live my life lonely or join other homeless folk living in the park.

Does anyone wonder if these homeless folk are the product of landlord rental gouging or rules that  prohibit the general well being of seniors?

A one bedroom suite in a 50-year-old complex in my estimation is worth $200, plus paying all of the other expenses.

There are other provinces in Canada where landlords cannot dictate that renters can’t have pets of a reasonable size.  Ontario has made this law work.

There can be rules in place to cover disturbances.

To allow landlords to gouge renters because it is done in Vancouver is ludicrous and should not be condoned.

How many seniors or the working poor can pay $950, plus services, for a hole-in-the-wall bachelor apartment”

Look around at the lonely seniors, who give up their homes and pets, and haunt the coffee houses or malls looking for companionship rather than sit at home alone and lonely with no little, comforting, warm  pet for company. There is nothing to motivate them to go for a walk for exercise.

These folks have given up the last thing in their life — to love and receive love in return love. They are left alone, dying of loneliness even in a crowd of strangers.

Landlords, take down your no pets sign and put up a new sign welcoming seniors with pets.

Ila Maber and dog Robby