No tennis

Visitor very sorry the Labour Day weekend tennis tournament was cancelled

I am very sorry the Labour Day weekend tournament was cancelled. We are a group of 12 people from Vancouver who have rented a house for the past five years to attend the tournament.

We have to make the rental commitments well in advance and did not know that the tournament was in danger until a month before it was to be played. As a result, we will not get a refund on our $1,500 rental. We heard that efforts were being made to run the tournament on public courts at Marshall Field. I would like to thank Joe McFadden for trying to keep an institution running.

I think it could have worked out financially if the $1,000 court rentals were the only cost as 30 players could cover that. But it sounds like there are other charges. I am disappointed the city could not help in this situation. In the end, we have spent our $1,500 on the rental house and some of us used it only because the money is sunk. But as a visitor to the city, I am very disappointed in this outcome.

It seems things could have been different either through communication to players early on or the city helping out, recognizing the importance of this tournament to players around the province.


Doug Taylor