No thanks

Resident provides his thoughts on former prime minister Stephen Harper

In response to Sylvia Posch-Lang’s letter Dec. 20, I too would like to thank Stephen Harper.

I want to thank him for bringing people together in a time of divisive politics, to vote him out of office.

I want to thank him for his part in renewing my belief that most people are informed and engaged citizens and will not stand for arrogance and dishonesty.

Informed voters saw Harper’s arrogance, his work to corrupt our democracy, which is for the people, by the people, not for the oil companies, by the oil companies, his utter disdain for the media, his shocking lack of accountability, and his fear of honest disclosure.

I do not want to thank him for the contempt and disregard for free speech he showed by muzzling our scientific community.

I do not want to thank him for being a puppet of big oil on taxes, subsidies and the environment. A good government would have got a bigger chunk of the oil revenue while the price was high. Instead, Harper handed that money to big oil.

He whittled away the previous government’s budget surplus- and, that, by the way, is how the country got through the financial crisis, not through any good work of Harper’s.

Yes, the Trudeau government intends to run a short-term deficit to encourage and realize long-term growth and surplus.

The U.S. did something similar with bailouts, housing incentives, and so on, and now the economy is rebounding in a way that would not have been possible without government investment. I do not want to thank him for lowering the opinion the world has of Canadians and what we stand for.

I do not want to thank him for trying to make our economy a one-trick pony by ignoring other industries in favour of the unreliable, environment-destroying oil industry.

Finally, I do not want to thank him for keeping us safe from a threat he perpetuated through his fear-mongering. He scared the cowardly and ignorant, but that is not who we are as Canadians.

I do, however, want to thank Harper for being un-Canadian enough that we all finally woke up and kicked him out. As Harper himself said, “the people are never wrong.”

Enjoy retirement, Steve. We won’t miss you.

Bruce Chomcey