No to amalgamation

Coldstream Ratepayers Association insists residents are not interested in merger

The Coldstream Ratepayers Association hosted a public forum Jan. 9 on the topic of the proposed study of possible amalgamation of Coldstream into Greater Vernon.

There was overwhelming opposition to the idea from the 60 or so members of the public who attended.

Our intention was to explore all sides of the issue but, amazingly, not one voice was raised in favour of the study or of amalgamation.

This is surprising since members of the board of the Greater Vernon Governance Society (GVGS), who are spearheading this campaign,  knew about our public forum at least three weeks before the event and thus had ample opportunity to prepare for it.

I had even informed one board director, who lives in Coldstream, that he was welcome to attend, along with the others, to ask questions and provide information which he thought our members needed to know.

I am left to surmise that the arguments in favour of an amalgamation study will not stand up to informed public scrutiny  and that the GVGS did not want to be exposed in a public debate.

Steve Heeren,

acting president

Coldstream Ratepayers Association