No transparency

No transparency

LETTER: Vernon decision upsets local taxpayer

“Being brought forward from this morning’s in-camera meeting of Nov. 27, Council approved a commitment of $15,000 in funds from an unexpended, uncommitted 2016 year-end balance to fund a cultural competency and anti-oppression inclusion in communicating across differences training programme for Council and staff.”

Patti Bridal, Deputy Chief Administrative Officer, City Of Vernon.

This was in Administrative Updates on Monday, and I am amazed that the media didn’t take notice of this decision and the ramifications it might have on staff in Vernon.

This is not something that should have been debated and decided upon in-camera, and should have been discussed in open Council.

It is this kind of “behind the scenes” spending of taxpayer dollars that will be much-discussed in about ten months when the next municipal elections come around, and “the chickens come home to roost”.

I would have liked to have been told in open council who voted for this, and who voted against it.

I can understand why, for confidentiality and human rights reasons, the original discussion may have been more appropriate “in camera,” but I feel that, once it had been decided upon, there should have been a discussion in public beyond what Ms. Bridal read out.

After all, I believe it’s our money they are spending, and I believe that what appears to be a lack of transparency in terms of public discussion about such expenditure, has ramifications.

I am glad to see that a transparent video system accessible to all with internet access will facilitate this process prior to the next election in October of 2018.

Dean Roosevelt