Not deserving

Gordon Campbell doesn't deserve Order of B.C., et al

Words are hard to find about how appalled I am to hear that Gordon Campbell, first of all, was appointed high commissioner to England and then be awarded the Order of B.C. Are these prestigious positions handed out with no thought?

My father served overseas for many years in our embassies.

He protected our public servants, the commissioners and the ambassadors being his most important role. He risked his life many times on the front line of our foreign service. He served with honour, respect to our country and honesty.

He was never awarded an order or appointed to a higher position.

I was very proud of the job my father did as were a lot of people. So I am appalled to hear that Gordon Campbell was appointed high commissioner. He honours himself, does not respect his country or its citizens.

I have met many ambassadors who deserved their appointments. He does not. I am appalled that on the coattails of this appointment, Gordon Campbell is then awarded the Order of B.C.

There are many, many citizens who should receive this honour before Gordon. In fact, he should not have even been considered.


C. Foster, Vernon