Not fair

Writer sees city plans and priorities as needing adjustment

Recently I have been hearing and seeing changes made by city hall like city bus changes, a new library and also building condos for sale.

As a person that does not pay taxes but uses the city transit I don’t think it’s fair to people on disability with wheelchairs or people with strollers that are parents and also senior citizens with walkers.

And that the city transit should stay on Coldstream Avenue close to the senior homes and not be moved by the Greyhound.

I lived here for two years and as a person that doesn’t pay taxes I don’t think that a new library is necessary when summer events happen with live bands and there is no place for people to sit or a place for the bands to play at the new one.

And as a person on disability and doesn’t pay taxes I think that people that pay property tax should go towards opening the two floors in our new addition of the Vernon Jubilee Hospital and get more beds and that would create some more job opportunities instead of widening sidewalks.

And building more low income housing is more important then building new condos for sale or a new library.


Tim Urquhart, Vernon