Not just a volunteer

Resident praises those individuals who serve as firefighters locally

When people ask me, “Your husband is a firefighter?” I often catch myself saying, “Yeah, he’s just a volunteer.” Just a volunteer who spends countless evenings and weekends in training. Just a volunteer who runs out of the house, leaving behind his wife and kids at dinner, breakfast, and his only day off to help someone in need. Just a volunteer who spends four hours at a call in the middle of the night only to wake up two hours later to go to his regular job.

Just a volunteer who endangers his life fighting fires. Just a volunteer who assists paramedics doing CPR on a person. Just a volunteer who cuts victims out of vehicles at accident scenes, whether alive or dead, and then some how has to go back to work and finish his day there.

Just a volunteer who isn’t just anything.

So to all of those men and women who sacrifice their personal and family time, who risk their lives and who are there to help when others are going through their worst, thank you.

Monica Hofsink