Not practical

20th Street pretty, not practical

I would like to take this time to thank Elaine Dubois for her letter.

I have been trying to respond to some of the letters from citizens who seem to think that the new look of 20th Street is great (they likely don’t live on it) and I could not have expressed it any better. Thank you Elaine.

Not only do we still pay the same rate of taxes as everyone else, we are now victims of the “nice little kids” who use the landscaping material for target practice on animals, birds and anything else that they feel the need to destroy.

Twentieth Street is pretty, but not practical.

Several times we have witnessed young people riding their skateboards down the centre of the road. They were laughing at the vehicles as the vehicles swerve to miss them. Just recently, an adult in a white truck, was seen towing a group of young people on bikes behind his truck.

This really shows great parenting skills. This new design has costs the taxpayers a great deal of money.

How about turning 20th Street into a one-way and those of us who live here can have our parking places back?


J. Tharp, Vernon