Numbers keep adding up and up

Resident expresses concerns about spending habits of local politicians

Is it time to leave? I have given up on this council. Why you ask? They are going to borrow us into the ground.

1. They talked us into $7.5 million for a new sports field, and now there is $50,000 to hire a project manager. And now they are going to ask for input on the design.  I thought what we voted on was the plan

2. The Regional District of North Okanagan wants us to OK $111 million for water improvements.

Why should we upgrade a system for this great amount when the water has been good for the past 15 or more years? Why you ask, so the agriculture hay farms can get all of the water they want and have us pay for it.

It does not matter because Interior Health will just tell us we have to build it. Keep your nose out of our business. We should just not pay for or allow it and if they cut off the water, take them to court as it is our water.

3. Civic Arena has to be replaced so it will most likely cost $1 million-plus to tear it down and make the area look pretty.

4. The recreation complex needs to be replaced — $15 to 20 million for a good one.

5. The Priest Valley Arena needs to upgraded or replaced, $5 to 10 million.

6. They want to renovate the museum and update the art gallery and build a greenway. The roof on the old museum already leaks.

Why do we need another greenway so we can buy more lots and buildings and tear them down?

7. New ice at the multiplex. I suspect $10 to $15 million.

8. Now they want to upgrade the Kin Race Track area when it was not good enough for a sports complex. Iuspect that will be $5 million.

If we increase ice size at Kin Race Track, we could avoid the new complex area and this would make more sense for a sports complex as there’s great parking, transit and amenities.

9. I must not forget the recycling plant that burned down. Rebuild for $2 to $5 million or an increase for pickup as they will have to take it to Kelowna

I suspect between $205 to $300 million in referendums and most of this comes from RDNO. No wonder they want Vernon to take over the recreation.

If they hold any referendums from now on, the only people that should vote on it are ones that have paid their taxes up to date.

We should not have people who do not pay taxes voting to increase our taxes.


Garry Haas