Nurses vital

Resident concerned about possible changes to the health care system

I read, with great alarm, the item regarding the replacement of registered nurses with staff with lesser training.

This is just the haywire thinking of management who are so far removed from the trenches that they are totally unable to comprehend the deadly decision for which they will get a bonus for having  saved money.

Nursing care is based on complex knowledge and skills.

One does not get admitted to hospital in these times of critical bed shortages unless one is very ill.

The frequency of code orange and code purple, which indicate dangerous overcrowding, has resulted in exhausted nurses who are constantly digging deep to cope with the uncopable.

Reduce their numbers further and it may be too late when that remaining RN can see you, vital minutes that are literally life and death.

The voices that should be screaming no are those of the public. Think you or a precious loved one will never need the system?


P. Findlay