Occupying public office

Vernon-Monashee MLA congratulates all who ran in recent municipal elections

Now that the municipal elections are over, I look forward to working with all the successful candidates for mayor, council and school boards across Vernon-Monashee.

I would like to take a moment to acknowledge all those who ran. It’s no small thing to run for public office. It takes courage, a willingness to defend your principles and ideas, and a supportive and understanding family. It’s far too easy to complain about public policy, and then sit back and do nothing about it. I extend my sincere thanks to those who decided to do something about it.

With that said, I would also like to thank those who took the time to vote. We’re so fortunate in Canada; we sometimes take voting for granted, or worse, see it as a chore. It’s not. It’s perhaps the most important privilege we have – one which millions of people have died for – and sadly, continue to.

Eric Foster, MLA, Vernon-Monashee