Officer praised

Officers' professional attitude made a positive difference in recovery from the emotional impact of the crash.

In these days when the RCMP seem often to receive critical press, there are doubtless, many incidents where police officers behave admirably (as they should) but which go unnoticed by the media.

Here is one such:

On Sept. 12, I was in a bad collision with a commercial truck and trailer at the Vernon Square exit onto Highway 97, in which I was the driver at fault. My vehicle was totalled. No one else was hurt and my injuries were minor but I was very shaken.

Expecting the worst from the officer at the scene, I was instead treated with respect, kindliness and reassurance. Const. Nicolas Reimann made sure that I chose to go to emergency and asked me to follow up with him the next day to find out how I was. His professional attitude has made a positive difference in my recovery from the emotional impact of the crash.

I thank him and also the two individuals who had the courage to come forward and offer assistance (they know who they are).

A. Russell Earnshaw