Officials off base

Resident upset with decisions regarding Stickle Road

It seems clear by now that the Ministry of Transportation knew exactly what it planned to do about the Stickle Road intersection right from the beginning.

But of course, it went through the required charade of public consultation, not once, but three times, because it wasn’t getting the outcome it wanted.

What it did get was unwavering support from both our MLA and our mayor, but virtually none from the people these two individuals represent, and none from Vernon city councillors either.

Something seems wrong with this picture.

How many remember the story of an ill-fated ship called the Bounty? Yes, Captain Bligh ended up with a mutiny on his hands.

However, we are Canadians. We are polite. We play by the rules.

We allow our governors to save face and do as they wish, even at great financial expense and at the expense of a beautiful wetland area.

Now the Swan Lake Business Corridor Association has officially accepted defeat and surrendered out of fear the Ministry of Transportation will simply choose to do nothing to address the dangerous intersection.

Our only recourse is to wait patiently until voting time and take our chances with a new Captain Bligh or two.

Christian Sjonnesen