Oil isn’t going anywhere

Maureen McClocklin, you ask what Kinder Morgan (Trans Mountain Pipeline) does for the entire province and yourself. You answered your own question by saying nothing.

Quit believing the NDP, Greenpeace and the mayors of Vancouver and Burnaby because they have not done any research.

I don’t see many people purchasing electric cars or having windmills on top of their pickup trucks. Electric cars are available, plus the government will give you a rebate financed by your friends who drive cars powered by gasoline.

Ninety per cent of the new line will be installed on the existing Trans Mountain right-of-way. Some of the changed routing is needed to improve safety and eliminate some water crossings.

Kinder Morgan will pay the entire cost of the line so no government money is spent. Plus, it will pay millions every year in taxes to the province, cities, bands and into the B.C. economy, and supply great paying, middle class jobs.

Trans Mountain is using Canadian made pipe from Regina, weld fittings, pumps from Ontario, etc. They are building additional storage tanks in several locations, new pump stations and control room additions. A lot of pipe fabrication will be done by contractors in Vancouver, Kamloops and Edmonton and then trucked to site. More great jobs for locals.

A large amount of politicians and residents are not aware that 50 per cent of tax revenue in B.C. comes from the energy industry in the Peace River country. This pays for education, hospitals, highways and salaries for government workers.

Oil is not going away in our lifetime. It is used in most products, including your cell phone, computers, toothbrushes and milk jugs, and it is cheaper than water by the litre.

Dave Chase