Oil pipeline

Letter writer wants MLA to take a stand on Northern Gateway project

More than 100 people rallied in front of MLA Eric Foster’s office Oct. 24 to protest the pending oil pipeline from  northern Alberta to Kitimat on the B.C. coast, intended for shipping oil overseas to Asia.

We are told that Foster has personally not yet decided if this pipeline is a good thing and his comment was, “There are a lot of pluses.”

In light of the 7.7 magnitude earthquake epicentred under the ocean floor near Haida Gwaii just a few days later, in close  proximity to Kitimat, the resulting tsunami and the 6.3 magnitude earthquake aftershock which followed, is our MLA’s immovable political objection fated to be washed away by these irresistible forces of nature?

Will it occur before or after the “new” wing in Vernon’s hospital is tardily unsealed and opened for its intended use, and D and E meat inspection licenses are finally bestowed upon the North Okanagan after years of empty promises?

Or, rephrased, is it going to take place before or after May’s provincial election?

Jerry Reitman