Oil traffic

Environment and wildlife at jeopardy if oil pipeline project goes ahead

Moving oil by pipeline or tanker will produce oil spills at some time affecting all forms of wildlife and the environment. You cannot protect something once it’s gone.

If the pipeline project goes ahead, it will fragment the boreal forest home to birds and other wildlife including woodland caribou and grizzly bears, expose the Great Bear Rainforest home to wolves and the iconic spirit bear and 30 internationally recognized important bird areas teaming with marine birds, fish and other animals to potential oil spills and pollution from tanker traffic.

It would also risk irreversible harms to the livelihoods of many coastal and aboriginal communities.

Therefore, we need to oppose these proposals. I heard on CBC radio that the company will make no comment about the protest rallies.

Does this mean that they plan to go ahead whatever we say in the hope of making a profit?.

Is it democratic to ignore the needs of wildlife and communities along the route?

Pamela Jenkins, Vernon