Opening doors would be appreciated

The City of Vernon promotes the slogan "Activate Life" on its website and marketing brochures.

The City of Vernon promotes the slogan “Activate Life” on its website and marketing brochures. So why not open the washrooms at the beaches in April so people who are being active can use them?

Kal Beach’s washroom for example, is not scheduled to open until May 1.

The problem is that this hot weather is bringing a lot of people to enjoy the outdoors and the beaches too.

This means…yes they also need to use the washroom.

I noticed several people were forced to make the parking lot their only available option.

On Sunday, April 10 for example I counted approximately 250 at Kal Beach.

There were families enjoying their lunches, kids playing in the sand, teens throwing frisbees, people walking along the beach, and some reading magazines on a beach blanket and likely some were tourists.

There were also stand up paddle boarders and some kids on small kayaks and children running in and out of the cold lake water.

It seems like the summer weather is coming earlier each year.

Global warming is no surprise now.

I decided to make some telephone calls to see if this washroom could be opened sooner.

After calling District of Coldstream it took me  four more calls to find out that its RDNO (Regional District of North Okanagan) who is responsible for opening up the washrooms.

I spoke to the manager and he said due to tight budgets and other factors the washroom is scheduled to open on May 1.

I suggested they consider putting in a “Porta Potty” for at least use on the weekends and to consider opening the washrooms for shorter hours until May 1, so that people could use it during prime times of the week.

He thanked me for my call but said that not likely any changes would be made, however, he agreed to discuss my concerns and suggestions with the next level.

As for my visit to Kal Beach with my family, we just all decided not to drink any fluids…just in case we had to go.

Linda Woodman