Opposition is out of touch

Resident challenges Vernon city councillor over comments he made

Coun. Scott Anderson has been feeding the media on why he is so opposed to the rainbow crosswalk that was approved by all the rest of Vernon city council.

In an interview with CBC he used the late prime minister Pierre Trudeau’s words, “There’s no place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation,” and the very words that gave me hope that I could lead a successful life as a professional and a gay man.

I was a young man at the time Pierre Trudeau spoke those words and had always lived with the knowledge that my dreams and the life that I was building could be destroyed at any time just because I was gay.

The context in which Anderson used these words, published in an article on the CBC B.C. news website, were entirely out of context and neglectful of the year 1967, in which a House of Commons bill was introduced that decriminalized homosexual acts between men.

As a gay man, I respect others who believe differently, as long as I am allowed to be who I am.

Those of us who were gay and lived the very closeted lives that were required, find today’s freedom very fulfilling.

I remember being asked when moving to Edmonton in the 1980s, if I was going to be living with the young man who drove me to the apartment to look. I said no, but of course felt instant displeasure at having a different lifestyle questioned like that.

I note that our current prime minister, Justin Trudeau, has marched in three pride marches in 2016 — Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal. I support our prime minister. In addition, our Premier Christy Clark led the pride march in Kelowna this past August.

My husband and I moved to Vernon in 2008 from Calgary, after retiring.

I wa somewhat concerned about how our relocation would proceed. We have found great friendships and acceptance here. I love our community and feel that Coun. Anderson is out of touch.

I want all members of the LGBTQ community to feel safe, and comments like he has made in defense of his personal feelings for voting against a rainbow sidewalk, do the opposite of that.

Heywood MacDonnell