Options exist for school district

Vernon school district office staff should move into schools to save money - versus a new administration office

I read with interest stories concerning education funding shortfalls, declining enrolment and then the dire need for a new Vernon School District administration office.

Now I hear CHBC News reporting that consolidation of Vernon schools may be considered.

The solution is right in front of us with  ample office space existing within the elementary and secondary schools now.

The costs of operating, renovating or building a new administrative office must be put back into the education system here in Greater Vernon.

There is no reason that offices could not be located within the schools.

Administrative staff could quickly make a move into school offices with networked computers and thereby eliminate the band aid repairs that drain public funds.

Folks this is a very workable and common sense solution.

Maybe our friends at The Morning Star could do a follow up story detailing the amount of excess physical space that exists within local schools.


P. Wood, Vernon