Our own backyard

I was reminded of something important, what is happening in our own backyard.

Every day, I visit the news to hear of what Trump has or hasn’t done, and how he is a satire of a political figure.

Yet, here we are in our own town, our own country, and we close our ears and eyes as to what is going on in our own backyard.

A year and a bit ago, the Polson family had mentioned that pickleball was creating too much noise for the parkland that they had donated — real first world problem.

It was pointed out that instead of chasing the pickleball players out of the park, that we actually do something about the homeless, the drug users, and the dark figures that lurk in the park, making some of us afraid to go in there.

It was suggested that a safe injection site and shelter be put there if we really wanted to impact our society. Help the helpless, the homeless and brighten the park up.

Make it a worthy contribution to the city.

For two years now, people have commented and argued about Stickle Road and what needs to be done.

The simplest solution is a traffic light. The more complex is an overpass or worse.

‘The powers that be say that this will disrupt the flow of fast traffic in and out of the city.

We now have a sensitive wetland being buried with the approval of our MLA Eric Foster.

The road through the wetlands is almost ready for paving while we have been pontificating what we need. Who agreed to this?

The pipelines, the indigenous treaties being broken and the Site C dam costing more than it will ever make up in returns — what are we not thinking about?

It’s our backyard that is messy and we need to take care of it.

We need to come together to fix our own backyard, not Mr. Trump’s.

We have a few people that talk and a few people that do.

We need more people like the Greens to question what is happening and have the NDP/Green government start to action things rather waste rhetoric about them. my thoughts, not yours.

Greg Hesford